Moon So Ri, “I held my hand up at an award ceremony, and the keyword ‘armpit hair’ appeared as a recommend search for my name”

Actress Moon So Ri revealed a funny anecdote.

On May 29th, Harper’s BAZAAR Korea uploaded a new video titled, “Wow, how many clothes have I worn? The most difficult dress to wear among all those dresses?”

In the released video, Moon So Ri counted the times she appeared in public and revealed various behind-the-scenes stories.


Regarding the black dress she wore at the 2018 Baeksang Arts Awards, Moon So Ri said, “If I had to select my favorite dress, that would be it. I was in the best mood that day. My husband received an award for ‘1987’. I usually like those kinds of looks.”

Also, the actress also talked about her fashion when attending the 2021 Blue Dragon Film Awards, where she won Best Actress for “Three Sisters”. She said, “It’s not a top but one that goes on your head. You put it on your head and it comes down. The stylist told me to wrap it around and wear it like a top. The idea was brilliant.”


Moon So Ri continued, “There is a photo of me holding my hand up. As I was getting ready to head out, they recommended I shave my armpits, but I rejected. ‘I won’t put my hand up. There is no reason to’. People said hi to me so I waved. One of my recommend searches was ‘Moon So Ri armpit hair’. My armpit is almost hairless. But people zoomed in so much. Those that found it really have a lot of interest in me.”

Meanwhile, Moon So Ri appeared in Disney+’s recently released web drama “Race”.

Source: Daum

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