Moon Geun Young “Thanks to the late Kang Soo Yeon, I got the courage to act after surgery”

Actress Moon Geun Young expressed her gratitude for the late Kang Soo Yeon after winning the “Kang Soo Yeon Award” at the 23rd “Women in Film Korea Festival” Female Movie of the Year Awards.

At the 23rd “Women in Film Korea Festival” held on Dec 15th, the “2022 Female Movie of the Year Awards” was also held.

At this year’s awards ceremony, the “Kang Soo Yeon Award” was established to praise and honor the late actress Kang Soo Yeon for her achievements and contributions to the Korean film industry over the past 50 years. Moon Geun Young became the first person to receive the “Kang Soo Yeon Award”, an award given to filmmakers who contribute to the development of Korean films and open the future together.

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Moon Geun Young delivered her acceptance speech through a video. She happily said, “I received a very meaningful award this time. I’m very happy and honored to receive the award of my idol Kang Soo Yeon. I always wanted to be like her and wanted to follow the path she paved.

She then mentioned her meeting with the late Kang Soo Yeon at the Busan International Film Festival in the past. Moon Geun Young recalled an extraordinary memory, “It was after I got sick. When she saw the scar on my arm, she encouraged me, ‘Everyone will only see your acting, so your scar won’t be a hindrance or a bad thing.’

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Moon Geun Young expressed her affection for the late Kang Soo Yeon, “I haven’t been able to show as much courage as she said, but as you gave me such a big award, I’ll have more courage, work hard and become a junior who follows the path she paved.

Meanwhile, Moon Geun Young felt sudden pain in her right arm in February 2017 and hurriedly visited the hospital. She was diagnosed with “acute compartment syndrome” and underwent 4 surgeries.

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Acute compartment syndrome is a disease that occurs when some of the muscles and nerve tissues are reduced below standard. Emergency surgery is required as the disease causes severe pain, paralysis and damage to nerve tissue.

Source: Nate

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