Moon Chae Won, who lost weight, boasts innocent visuals despite thinner cheeks 

Actress Moon Chae Won showed off her innocent and elegant beauty after her weight loss. 

On December 2nd, Moon Chae Won posted a video of her holding a cake on her SNS. Along with the picture, Moon Chae Won wrote, “My friends remembered that I wanted to try the cake, so they went far in the morning to buy it for me. I’m so grateful. I’m shy, so I cut the video short!”.

Moon Chae-won

In the video, Moon Chae Won looked happy to receive the cake she wanted to eat. She was also blowing out a candle while boasting a cute appearance. Meanwhile, netizens expressed surprise at the actress’ missing cheeks, which seemed to be a result of weight loss. 

On the other hand, Moon Chae Won is going to make a comeback in the new SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Law Money” (working title). It is an exhilarating revenge series, where a money trader fights against a money cartel, which is in collusion with the law. 

Source: Nate

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