Han Ga In reveals the reason she didn’t take wedding photos with her husband Yeon Jung Hoon

Actress Han Ga In made people laugh with her witty anecdote in the TV program “Day Without Hands”.

On the December 2nd episode of the JTBC program “Day Without Hands”, Shin Dong Yeop and Han Ga In appeared to assist people with their own stories. 

On this day’s broadcast, Han Ga In and Shin Dong Yeop offer support for a daughter who has lived with her 71-year-old mother for 30 years. The daughter got married a month ago, but has been delayed moving to her newlyweds house, and is now finally moving.

A Day Without Hands

Here, the daughter expressed that she was extremely busy, even on her wedding day. She also shared that the wedding felt like a “celebrity experience” since people kept taking photos of her after she got her makeup done.

Hearing this, Han Ga In recounted her own wedding, and surprised everyone by saying, “I didn’t take wedding photos.” At the same time, the actress also invoked laughter by sharing, “My mother said, ‘She needs to pay to get photos’.”

Source: Nate

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