GOT7’s biggest anti-fan is no one else but … JYP Entertainment?

JYP’s lack of professionalism in promotion is making the Ahgase community angry.

Working under JYP, GOT7 can make a comeback regularly, their activities are not “frozen” for too long, and rarely do we see injustice among the members. But Ahgase still got very angry because of the lack of professionalism of JYP in promoting every comeback. The comeback with album “SPINNING TOP: BETWEEN SECURITY & INSECURITY” is like the last straw, pushing Ahgase’s anger to the climax and creating a wave of protest against JYP to bring justice for GOT7.

Confusing marketing strategy in the latest comeback

Announce the comeback and launch the world tour at the same time

JYP’s announcement has rained on Ahgase’s parade. Usually, Kpop groups just announce either their comeback or the tour so that their fans have time to prepare the money to support their idol. However, JYP didn’t let the fans do it when they announced both at the same time. Not many fans are financially able to buy an album and a concert ticket, so they’ll have to choose between them. This has caused GOT7’s album sales to decline compared to previous comebacks.

JYP announced the release of the album and kicked off the world tour, making many fans unable to keep up
JYP announced the release of the album and kicked off the world tour, making many fans unable to keep up

Give no notice of MV release time

Normally before every comeback, the agency will release the poster and MV teaser with the full information of date and time to release the MV so the fans can increase MV views for their idols in the first 24 hours. But in the teaser of the “ECLIPSE” MV, there is no information about what time the MV would be released. Not knowing the specific release time, all the preparations and the efforts to increase the views of the Ahgase are ruined.

Sadly, GOT7 members have to announce their comeback time on their SNS themselves

There is no release time in the teaser of MV "ECLIPSE".
There is no release time in the teaser of MV “ECLIPSE”.

Doesn’t release enough albums

While the fans are trying hard to buy albums to increase sales for GOT7, one of Korea’s reputable album buying sites, Synnara, apologized for not having enough albums to sell. In the first week, most of the album sales come from the pre-order amount. JYP must have a full preparation of the number of albums released but in fact, they didn’t have enough albums to sell on the 2nd day.

This serious problem made the Agase very annoyed with JYP and raised a question, “Is JYP afraid that GOT7’s albums will not be sold out so they didn’t produce many?”. Although GOT7 does not have massive sale achievements like BTS or EXO, they are one of the best selling boy groups today. The proof is that they just became JYP’s first group to sell more than 2 million albums on Hanteo.

Fans got angry because they couldn't buy the album to support GOT7
Fans got angry because they couldn’t buy the album to support GOT7

What chance for GOT7 to shine if JYP doesn’t change the way they promote?

JYP is a good company in terms of treating their artists and they are the least hated in BIG3. But the way they promoted GOT7 really made many fans feel helpless because of the lack of professionalism when such a large entertainment company promote so poorly for their main boy group at the present.

GOT7 is not a famous name in Korea although they have debuted for 5 years. Maybe because they are unfortunate and haven’t had a national hit to stand out. But the way JYP promoted them is also a reason why GOT7 couldn’t become one of the top groups in Korea.

In JYP, besides TWICE, GOT7 also brings huge profits with a big fan base in the international market. However, they still cannot have a firm position in their own country, partly because of JYP’s bad promotion. So if JYP does not change their promotion strategy, GOT7 may also easily lose the chance to shine in Korea.


Whether JYP is the biggest anti-fan of GOT7 or not, the fans know the best because by this time they are still the ones who follow the group in every step. There have been many times the fans got angry with the company but nothing has changed. Hope that JYP will look at their problems straightforwardly and make some changes so that GOT7, as well as other groups, can be more successful in the future.

Sources: k14

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