Monika Praised For Her Excellent Performance As A Judge On “Street Woman Fighter 2”

Dancer Monika is currently the cool and strong pillar of “Street Woman Fighter 2”

Monika is doing well as a Fight Judge on Mnet’s dance competition program “Street Woman Fighter 2”.

“Street Woman Fighter 2 “ features the real survival of female dancers from a total of 8 crews from around the world. Monika and Monsta X Shownu appear as Judges while singer Kang Daniel continues to host the show. After several missions, the Japanese crew TSUBAKILL was the first to be eliminated.


Monika participated in Season 1 of “Street Woman Fighter”, which created a dance syndrome in 2021, as the leader of PROWDMON. This season, she returned as a Judge. It is said that she is shining even more this time with her skills and artistry, which turns dance into a work of art, her leadership, as well as her rational and logical aspects.

Monika’s true value was clearly revealed when she pointed out the gap between the artistry and commerciality in dancing that every dancer would have seriously considered at least once. This issue was raised after the K-pop Death Match Mission battle between 1MILLION and Wolf’Lo. At that time, two teams had to make choreographies for songs of YG Entertainment’s artists, such as BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” and G-Dragon’s “Coup D’etat”. While Wolf’Lo created their dance based on the hip-hop genre, 1MILLION proved their strength in Choreography.


In the end, 1MILLION won and Monika, who gave points in favor of 1MILLION, shared, “Lia Kim said she prepared this stage to break the prejudice about herself, which eventually related to commerciality”, adding “I personally think commerciality is one of the most necessary and important things for dancers nowadays. If there was a prejudice about that, wouldn’t this be a new issue for us to accept? We have to change now”.

With her own judging style, which is both clever and restrained, Monika has further enhanced the quality of “Street Woman Fighter 2”. If instructions and evaluations for dance performances were too complicated, viewers would find it hard to trust the judges and the program would also lose its fairness. However, Monika skillfully made reviews that both participants and viewers could understand. It seemed to be easy for her to acknowledge and praise the dancers while giving sincere reviews by excluding personal emotions as much as possible. In addition, Monika knows very well the position and feelings of a participant in this show.


At the press conference for “Street Woman Fighter 2” last month, Monika confessed her burden, saying “There are dancers whom I respect so much, so how can I evaluate their dances? When I went home after the recording, I just cried on my pillow. Being a Judge, sometimes I say what I have to say but it also makes me feel guilty in front of them as a colleague.”

Source: Daum

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