MOMOLAND’s JooE tearfully confessed, “I was afraid that people would avoid watching this program because of me”

MOMOLAND member JooE made her appearance on “The Second World”.

In JTBC’s new entertainment program “The Second World”, which aired on the evening of August 30th, the main rappers of girl groups were seen joining a vocal survival battle.

MOMOLAND’s JooE also appeared as a cast member. JooE said, “I’ll break down the stage. I’m confident in my vocal”, but she looked very nervous. She performed the song “Decaffeine” and showed off her clear voice. The addictive melody and eye-catching dance break of her performance drew attention.

Paul Kim then had an interview with JooE. As soon as Paul Kim said “I heard it’s been 7 years since your debut”, JooE got emotional. In the end, she shed tears, causing fans to worry. JooE then confessed her fear and innermost thoughts. In a previous interview, JooE shared, “I was afraid that people would avoid watching this program because of me”.

She said, “‘Why is she appearing on the TV?’, I was afraid that people would say that and I began to feel worried”, adding “It was normal for me to receive attention in the past, but now, if people pay too much attention to me, I will feel like I’ve done something wrong again. It makes me nervous in a different way”, drawing regret from the audience.

JooE bowed her head and confessed, “I thought about many things in the past and the reason why I lost my confidence. Since I wrote songs to overcome such feelings, they seem to be quite emotional songs. But now I got nervous again”. She continued, “I know this opportunity is very important, so I will do my best in order to show a good appearance that will not embarrass my member”, showing her determination. 

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