Model Han Hye-jin, who has suffered a hard time alone due to the recent controversy, finally made “this” decision

Model Han Hye-jin eventually decided to stop her SNS communication for a while because of the recent criticism over her fashion photoshoot at the Blue House.

On August 30th, Han Hye-jin’s Instagram comment function was changed to “restricted” state. This is the way Han Hye-jin prevented others from leaving comments on the photos she posted. She was still communicating with fans by posting advertisement posts and leaving comments a few days ago.

han hye jin

Han Hye-jin recently participated in a photoshoot project called “Blue House and Fashion!” set in the Blue House for the fashion magazine Vogue Korea. 

When the photoshoot was released on August 22nd, netizens gave cold reactions. They criticized the photoshoot for not considering the Blue House’s history and the meaning of Hanbok, saying “This project didn’t help promote the Blue House nor Korea”.

han hye jin

In particular, Vogue Korea was pointed out to have done things that drew negative public sentiment, such as dressing Han Hye-jin in a dress created by Japanese designer Ryunosuke Okazaki although it was a photoshoot set in the Blue House.

Han Hye-jin and other models were also seen making poses for the photoshoot using objects at the Blue House’s Main House, Guesthouse, and Sangchunjae. 

han hye jin

As the controversy intensified Vogue Korea eventually deleted the remaining photoshoot sources. No trace of the photoshoot can now be found on the official website of Vogue Korea. 

Source: Wikitree

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