Mijoo “I can’t finish a bowl of ramyeon, but I can still drink a bottle and a half of soju”

Former Lovelyz member Mijoo, who is about to make her solo debut, confessed that she suffered unexpected side effects from a harsh diet.

Mijoo will appear with DinDin on the May 17th broadcast of KBS2’s entertainment program “Problem Child in House”. On this broadcast, Mijoo revealed the behind-the-scenes story of becoming a “small eater” because of her diet.

Lee Mijoo

Mijoo raised viewers’ expectations by performing the title song “Movie Star” for the first time.

In particular, Mijoo revealed that she is currently in the 40kg range. She is intensively managing and dieting for solo activities.

She then confessed, “I can’t finish a bowl of ramyeon. As I was on a harsh diet, I don’t eat as much as I used to and I suffer from loss of appetite.”

However, she caused laughter by adding, “I still drink well. I like to drink alone. I used to drink two bottles of soju easily, but my drinking capacity decreased.” Her decreased drinking capacity was “a bottle and a half”.


Hearing Mijoo’s confession, Lee Chan Won also acknowledged her drinking capacity.

In addition, Mijoo, who is called a “love line addict” for her extraordinary chemistry with other cast members on entertainment shows, picked soccer player Cho Gue Sung as the person closest to her ideal type among Lee Yi Kyung, Cho Gue Sung, Heo Ung and Yoo Byung Jae.

This further amplified viewers’ curiosity about why she chose Cho Gue Sung over Lee Yi Kyung, who was even rumored to be dating her.

Besides, Mijoo honestly revealed her unusual real-life dating style, “I like obsession. I also answered when my ex-boyfriend contacted me.”

Meanwhile, Mijoo will release her first single album “Movie Star” on May 17th.

“Movie Star” melted Mijoo’s unique color as an artist into music and performance.

In particular, she became a hot topic by releasing a series of visual teasing contents reminiscent of a “movie star”. In addition, Lee Hyori and Lee Yi Kyung made surprise appearances in the music video teaser, drawing more attention.

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