Jennie’s surprising connection with two actors in the hit survival show Squid Game

After noticing Jennie’s name appear in the credits of Netflix’s Squid Game, fans also find out more about her special relationship with the series’s cast.

In the past few days, K-pop fans can’t help but get excited when they find out that Jennie‘s name appears in the credits of Squid Game – the currently viral Korean drama. The BLACKPINK member has also actively promoted this series, and sent drinks to support her close friend who stars in the series.

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Jennie and Hoyeon are close friends

Jung Hoyeon made her acting debut with her role in “Squid Game“. She plays Kang Sae Byeok, player 067 – a North Korean woman who enters the game to earn money to afford a place to live, help her parents and take her younger brother out of the orphanage. Hoyeon‘s first-time acting performance and charisma in the series are well appreciated, especially when she acts alongside a talented cast.

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Hoyeon is famous in the Korean fashion industry and is also a close friend of Jennie. With a 2 year age difference, the two get along well. They often take photos together, and hang out together. Hoyeon often shows up at BLACKPINK‘s concerts to cheer for her friend. When Squid Game was filming and after its release, Jennie always showed support for Hoyeon.

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Currently when Squid Game is attracting much attention, many fans are surprised to know that Jennie and Hoyeon are close. Once again, fans are taken aback by Jennie’s network of friends. She is close with several celebrities with not only great looks but also impressive influence.

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Jennie’s birth name is named after Lee Jung Jae

In addition to her friendship with Hoyeon, Jennie also has a special relationship with Lee Jung Jae – the male lead in ‘Squid Game’. Accordingly, her real name Kim Jennie is a whole story related to this famous actor.

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During her participation in the show ‘Knowing Bros’, the rapper of BLACKPINK had the opportunity to talk about the truth behind his westernmost name. The story is that from the past, Jennie’s mother was extremely fond of actor Lee Jung Jae. In particular, Baek Jaehee – a main character played by Lee Jung Jae in the movie Sandglass – was her idol.

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Because of that, she longed to name her first son Jaehee. But then she gave birth to a daughter.  Determined not to give up, the female idol’s mother came up with another feminine name that sounds like Jaehee. And that’s also why the name Jennie was born. During a chance to meet Lee Jung Jae, Jennie brought this story up, the actor was extremely surprised by this.

In ‘Squid Game’, Lee Jung Jae plays Seong Gi Hun – a man with code 456. As a failed man, with nothing to lose, despite his cowardice, he still came to this survival game to have money to rebuild his life.

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As an actor with more than 20 years of accumulated acting experience, Lee Jung Jae does not disappoint the audience with his performance in ‘Squid Game’.  The psychological changes and torment of the character Seong Gi Hun are clearly portrayed by the actor.

The details related to the cast of ‘Squid Game’ are currently receiving a lot of attention from the audience.  Among them, the information that Jennie has a relationship with the two main actors is what surprised people the most.

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