Male dancer who crushed by 600kg LED screen spoke up for the first time 

After the horrifying accident, the male dancer has accepted that he may not leave the hospital for a long time 

Previously on July 28th, famous male dancer Li Kaiyan (also known as A Mo) was performing on stage with the famous boy group MIRROR, when a 600kg LED screen suddenly fell directly on him. The serious crash caused Li Kaiyan to suffer from internal bleeding in the brain, a broken spine, and a high chance that he will be paralyzed from the neck down. Now, after numerous surgeries, the male dancer finally no longer needs breathing support and gets to leave the ICU. Unfortunately, his recovery rate is only at 5%.

Lý Khải Ngôn

Regarding the current status of Li Kaiyan, his father relayed the male dancer’s words. “I have accepted that I will not leave the hospital for a while. I will face my treatment in the most comfortable mindset,” he said. 

According to the father, it pains him to hear the words, but he also feels relieved that his son is now conscious and holding onto his positivity. 

While Li Kaiyan’s health condition is not looking bright, the dancer’s family is attempting all sorts of treatments for the best chance of recovery, though there have been little positive signs. 

On the other hand, MakerVille – the organizer of MIRROR’s performance, as well as Daguo Culture, have promised to take care of all treatment costs for Li Kaiyan. The dancer’s family has also expressed their gratitude for the public’s attention and well wishes towards their son, and stated that for now, donations are not needed until they worked things out with the responsible parties. 

Lý Khải Ngôn
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