Latest update on the horrific accident where dancer got crushed by giant LED screen at Hong Kong concert

The organizers of the concert were accused of having no expertise in stage design, leading to the accident. 

Sohu reported that the accident of dancer Mo Lee Kai-yin being severely injured after a giant LED screen fell on his head during a concert, is being investigated by the Hong Kong Department of Labor. In particular, the concert organizers are under investigation for violating health and safety regulations.

In addition, a staff member who worked at the concert revealed that the stage supervisor Fran9 and director Mark Cheng actually have no expertise in stage design. Due to the organizers’ limited ability, the concerts often face stage problems.

HK01 added that the performances of boyband Mirror often had problems leading to minor injuries. In just 4 nights of the group’s concert, there were 5 unexpected accidents caused by unstable stage designs. 

After the horrific accident on July 28, the stage supervisor had to make his social media accounts private due to heavy criticism from the public. He is now actively coordinating with the investigation of Hong Kong authorities.

Meanwhile, dancer Mo Lee Kai-yin was diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage, fractured 4th cervical vertebra, 5th cervical vertebrae deviation and could not feel his extremities. Doctors at Queen Elizabeth Hospital said that Mo Lee Kai-yin is at high risk of paralysis of the whole body, from the neck down if the healing process of the nerves does not progress.

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