Ma Dong-seok suddenly followed another account on SNS after a long time of only following his girlfriend

Actor Ma Dong-seok still attracts attention with his affection for his lover, Ye Jung-hwa.

Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jung-hwa officially admitted their relationship in November 2016 and are currently dating. The two have been dating for 5 years.


The actor’s SNS account has only followed one person so far. It was Jeonghwa, his girlfriend. Although Ye Jeong-hwa has been inactive on social media since April 2014, he still follows only his lover.


But recently, his account followed another one. That’s the official account of the Marvel movie ‘The Eternals’, which is coming out in November.

Ma Dong-seok only follows his girlfriend Ye Jeong-hwa and the Eternals’ account and is doing well in both ‘work and love’.

Although they don’t show much, the two always softly and quietly express their affection for each other.


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