KARD Jeon Somin amazed everyone with her beautiful figure in a tight outfit

Jeon Somin (25), a member of the mixed group KARD, showed off her superior visuals.

On September 2nd, Jeon Somin posted several photos on Instagram along with the caption: “Beautiful times… KARD tour 2022. Thank you and love you Hidden.” Hidden is the official fandom name of KARD.

In the released photos, Jeon Somin wore a black crop-top and low-waist jeans. She also donned a wide-brimmed hat, closing her eyes and sticking out her tongue. Her gorgeous accessories such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces make Jeon Somin’s beauty shine even more. In particular, Jeon Somin’s unrealistic visuals, along with her thin waistline and clear abs overwhelm the gaze of netizens.

In another photo, Jeon Somin showed intense eyes as she sat on a stairs, exuding a unique allure and proving her to be a total heartthrob. 

Meanwhile, KARD, to which Jeon Somin belongs, recently held the North American tour “2022 WILD KARD TOUR IN NORTH AMERICA”. In June, they made a comeback with a full album after two years.

Source: nate

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