Luhan’s 19 years old: Working part-time at a convenience store to nurture his burning passion to become an idol

Recently, the story of Luhan’s past caused a fever again on Weibo.

Through the story of someone who knew Luhan during the time he was a trainee in Korea, a part of Luhan’s 19 years old has been revealed.

Luhan used to work part-time at a convenience store

At the time of the story, OP was still a high school student. Every time she got home from school, she would stop by a convenience store to buy blueberry juice. Suddenly one day, the convenience store cashier was no longer a kind old uncle, but replaced by a very tall, handsome guy. At checkout, it was obvious that the handsome cashier was shaking a bit, but still smiled at her. Just looking at the cashier, she was very impressed by his beautiful eyes, and his not yet fluent Korean.

The time of the story was in 2009 – when Luhan was 19 years old

Returning home that day, OP happily told her mother about the meeting with the super handsome cashier. On the second day, she held out hope to continue her visit to the convenience store and discovered that the guy was quietly singing in Chinese while arranging the shelves, so she asked if he was Chinese. The young man happily replied that he was Chinese, then said goodbye to OP.

She knew this guy’s name was Luhan, one year older than her and was studying Korean. For the next few days, she went to the convenience store every day. Most of the conversations between the two of them were that she talked, and Luhan listened patiently. The moment Luhan expressed that he wanted to be a singer, she realized that she would gradually distance herself from Luhan.

The young star has conquered her dream of becoming a singer

And so on, until one day, she watched Luhan’s interview video and discovered that the person talking to her at the convenience store was an SM trainee. When she graduated, she especially drew a card and sent it to Luhan, and at the same time expressed her long-hidden feelings. After listening, Luhan said, “Happy graduation, hope every day is as bright as this. Today let me offer you a bottle of blueberry juice.” The girl, however, never drank it.

The story of the bottle of blueberry juice that was once again dug up

Luhan is a male singer born in 1990, from Beijing. Luhan used to be a member of the popular male idol group EXO. In 2014, Luhan returned to China and has been active as a solo singer ever since. Over the years, Luhan has maintained his reputation. 

The convenience store employee is now a famous Cbiz star

Netizens commented

  • The key here is not how the OP met and got to know Luhan, but how her crush has now become a very famous star.
  • How can anyone meet such a famous star?  
  • There are some details that are like in idol dramas.
  • I don’t admire it, I just cry in my heart.
  • He’s always been such a warmhearted person.
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