IU shows great leadership as she rehearsed under a heavy rain

Famous soloist IU flaunted her brilliant leadership in an unexpected situation.

On the 25th, a video titled “Under the orange sun that was hotter than ever” was published on IU‘s official YouTube channel “IU Official”.

IU rehearsal

The released video contains behind-the-scenes for the rehearsal of IU’s solo concert “The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun”, which was held at the Olympic main stadium in Jamsil Sports Complex.

IU concert

On September 16th, one day before the concert, the IU team had their final rehearsal at the main stadium. At this time, a sudden downpour occurred, leading to the atmosphere at the rehearsal site gradually worsening because of heavy rain and lightning.  

Amidst everyone’s bewilderment, IU lightened up the air with positive comments, such as “Let’s use the puddle in the choreography” and “Let’s have a water performance”, and reassured the staff. 

IU rehearsal

The female idol also said, “I knew it was going to rain today” as she carried out the rest of the rehearsal. Even in the midst of disastrous heavy rain, IU got on stage, danced and sang, and prepared for the next day’s performance, and prepared for her “hot air balloon” performance. In the meantime, she also encouraged the morale of her staff with words such as “Don’t worry, everyone” and “It will be fine” from time to time.

IU rehearsal

“It’s the first time I’ve witnessed this much rain during my career as a singer,” IU said. Nevertheless, her ability to deal with tough situations was like a true professional. Her leadership truly impressed netizens, who can only said, “As expected, it’s IU.”

The next day, IU finished her concert well while enjoying the sunny weather. On this day, IU received cheers from fans and applause from all the staff who were with her. It was a touching ending. 

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