LOONA Choerry broke silence after winning the contract termination lawsuit…”Have a good day today too”

LOONA Choerry delivered her bright status after winning the lawsuit against Blockberry Creative.

On Jan 19th, Choerry informed fans of her current situation by releasing several photos showing her bright smile.

Loona Choerry

In the photos, Choerry wears a pure white dress and shows off her innocent beauty with her long hair hanging down. Above all, her bright smile brings joy to fans.

It is the first time that Choerry has disclosed her current situation since winning the injunction to suspend the validity of the exclusive contract against her agency Blockberry Creative.

Loona Choerry
Loona Choerry

9 LOONA members filed an injunction to terminate their exclusive contracts with Blockberry Creative. Heejin, Kim Lip, JinSoul and Choerry, who won the case, had their contract with Blockberry Creative terminated. However, Haseul, Yeojin, Yves, Olivia Hye and Gowon, who lost the case, remained with the agency.


After winning the lawsuit, Choerry opened her personal SNS and greeted, “Have a good day today too.

After Chuu’s removal from the group, 9 LOONA members also filed an injunction to terminate their exclusive contracts with the agency, making it difficult for the team to work smoothly.

Source: Nate

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