NMIXX Lily shows her distinctive color after being criticized for becoming a “Lisa lookalike” 

Lily, a member of girl group NMIXX, is winning over the audience with her visuals, capable vocals and great dancing performances. 

When she first debuted, Lily from NMIXX was under some criticism for resembling Lisa from BLACKPINK, due to their somewhat similar hairstyle, makeup, as well as fashion taste. 

Lily was criticized for “mimicking” Lisa, according to netizens. (Image: Pinterest) 
 She drew attention for a similar hairstyle to Lisa. (Image: Pinterest) 
NMIXX Lily predebut
However, some audience members stood by Lily and said that Lily was already famous since she was a child thanks to her personal color. (Image: JYP Entertainment) 

Currently, Lily is building her own brand, breaking away from the rumors of being a “copycat.” She grew more visually stunning besides her group members. She also gained praise for boasting an hour-glass physique in NMIXX’s latest comeback with “Love Me Like This”. 

Lily beside her members in NMIXX. (Image: SBS) 
Lily’s “ant” waist is the talk of the town on K-pop-related forums. (Image: Mnet) 

Moreover, fans are proud of the idol for her capable singing voice and great dancing skills. With these three elements combined, Lily is on her way to become an “all-rounder” in NMIXX. 

At the moment, Lily, along with other members, are persuading the audience by showcasing her individual talents. (Image: Mnet) 

Source: YAN News 

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