aespa Karina, fresh + sexy look at Hanyang University’s festival

aespa Karina captivated Hanyang University students with her dazzling visuals and figure.

On May 18th, aespa attended Hanyang University ERICA Campus’ festival and presented a congratulatory stage.


aespa performed a number of hit songs such as “Next Level”, “Illusion” and “Black Mamba”.

aespa, who chose military look as dress code, shook the festival site with their lively charm.

In particular, it was leader Karina who drew viewers’ attention.

Karina, who has a pretty head shape, pulled off the ponytail styling perfectly. She wore a choker to accentuate her long and thin neckline.


Karina aroused admiration by showing powerful yet restrained dance moves with her outstretched limbs.

She also made eye contact with students in the stands during the performance.

Netizens showed enthusiastic reactions such as “Karina turned Hanyang University upside down properly“, “Today is ‘One Karina a day’ too“, “Karina is a real goddess“…

Meanwhile, aespa recently made a comeback with their new song “Spicy” and met fans by appearing on various music shows.

Source: Insight

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