Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-dae’s affectionate two-shots… “Freshness is a bonus”

Actress Lee Sung-kyung drew attention by releasing two-shots taken with Kim Young-dae, who worked together with her in “Sh**ting Stars”.

On June 18th, Lee Sung-kyung expressed affection for the drama through her Instagram, “It’s nice to not be able to meet easily, and it’s a pity that you pass by so quickly even though we meet. Like a shining and splendid shooting star, one day, our ‘Sh**ting Stars’ flew into my heart and settled down there.”

Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-dae

She added, “‘Sh**ting Stars’ is a drama that had only happy and pleasant memories, and it was very difficult to choose photos to upload on Friday and Saturday as the album was filled with memories. Thank you to the sparkling viewers who waited, got excited and liked the drama. Han-byul, Tae-sung and Star Force, those friends will be happy forever. I love you.”

Lee Sung Kyung Kim Young Dae

The photos show Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-dae posing on the beach. The two-shots of Lee Sung-kyung, who shows off her innocent beauty, and Kim Young-dae, who boasts his good-looking visuals, make everyone amazed.

Lee Sung Kyung Kim Young Dae

Meanwhile, Lee Sung-kyung met small screen fans by playing Oh Han-byul in tvN’s drama “Sh**ting Stars”, which recently ended.

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