The truth about center position in Kpop groups: The company’s bias but the unwanted member of the fandom

Both good-looking and talented, center members are always taken care of by their companies. Still, towards their fandoms, these idols can be the unwelcome members.

In charge of a representative for a group, the center member is always the one attracting the most attention because of his or her good skills of singing, dancing, rapping and outstanding look. On top of that, thanks to their “perfection”, center members are favored and appreciated by the public. However, towards idol groups’ fandoms, center members are sometimes… unwanted members, who are mistreated by the groups’ fans. So what are the reasons for this “suffering” of the centers?
Jeon Somi…
and Kang Daniel are excellent centers coming from Produce 101, but it’s inevitable for them to receive criticism from fans.

1. Stealing all the “spotlight”

Of course, center has to be put at the middle of a group. Even on stages, in an interview, in a photoshoot or in MVs, center member has the main role and has the most screen-time. Therefore, centers are always blamed for stealing all the spotlight from other members.
Jungkook has many singing and dancing parts, so he usually takes the center position. Kang Daniel is a chosen center from Produce 101, so it’s understandable that he is always in the middle of Wanna One’s pictures. But these center positions make both Daniel and Jungkook suffer from the “hate” because they have too much spotlight.

2. Bias from the companies

Entertainment companies make a lot of efforts to “take care” of a group’s center. Most of chances to be MCs or join in TV shows, fashion events and dramas are given to the center members. Thus, the popularity of the centers rapidly grows and they receive more and more schedules. Meanwhile other members rarely have opportunities to challenge themselves in different fields.
Irene is a typical example, she has been MC for many big shows, including the weekly music shows Music Bank.

3. Group of center and friends

The thing fans hate the most is that centers outshine other members. Other members are sometimes ignored and their existences don’t even matter. Many people only remember the centers, but as for the rest of the groups, they don’t… have any idea.
How many people know ASTRO if Cha Eun Woo is not in the group?

4. Talents or just look?

Many fans assume that the companies only choose the attractive and good-looking members to be center without considering their talents. This unfairness offends the fans as they think that centers are the ones who lower the quality of the groups’ performances.
Naeun doesn’t have many outstanding talents, but thanks to her fit body and stunning beauty, she has always been Apink’s center.

5. The abuse of media play

Entertainment companies, especially small ones, usually overuse media play with the aim of raising the popularity of the center members, who are hoped to become “the goose that laid the golden egg” and the one “responsible” for the whole group.
Fans were offended when the company kept promoting the Chinese member Chengxiao without caring about the other 10 members of Cosmic Girl (WJSN).

6. Center position, is it everything?

No matter how fans love or hate a center, standing in this position is never easy. Centers are praised when they do a good job. And when they make a little mistake, they are bashed and criticized for “stealing the spotlight”. The pressure of being a center is surely tremendous for whoever given this role.
Seolhyun is always the center of AOA, when she did a good job, everyone praised her. But when some bad rumors spread, Seolhyun was definitely the first one to be blamed. In fact, center position is never an easy job.

7. Conclusion

Companies, members and fans always expect a lot from the center members. Therefore, the centers have to keep improving themselves with the hope to become the best members or the perfect idols who can raise the popularity of their groups. Let’s not put too much pressure on the centers and support them, so that they can complete their missions as the center of idol groups.

Sources: ohman

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