Reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin Ho explains various misunderstandings surrounding Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In

Lee Jin Ho corrected misunderstandings about Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In, including ‘private wedding’ and ‘Singapore honeymoon’ controversies.

On April 23rd, the YouTube channel “Behind Master” revealed the truth about various misunderstandings surrounding the wedding of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In.

First, the recent news about Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In‘s trip to Singapore together was discussed. The couple returned to Korea earlier this week, and although they were spotted in Singapore, their arrival back in Korea was not made public. Lee Seung Gi has been careful to keep their activities private.


The issue with their wedding ceremony and trip to Singapore was pointed out as a problem of trust. Although Lee Seung Gi had said that the wedding ceremony would be private, many videos, photos, and articles were released. People wondered if the trip to Singapore was their honeymoon, but the couple denied it.

However, the actual facts were clarified. Lee Jin Ho said, “Lee Seung Gi definitely felt unfair about this part. He didn’t plan to hold a private wedding in the first place. It was a mistake made by reporters, but no one corrected it with the fact”.

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Regarding the two’s Singapore trip, Lee Jin Ho explained, “It is true that Lee Seung Gi’s trip to Singapore was for business purposes. Although Lee Da In did not plan to join, she asked her husband if she could accompany him after their wedding. That’s why they ended up going together. In fact, many people involved in the business also went to Singapore with the couple so it’s hard to consider the trip as a honeymoon”.

The Youtuber emphasized, “The two controversies above were actually caused by misunderstandings”.

In fact, the couple decided to postpone their honeymoon due to their busy schedules and plan to visit a better place in the future.


It was also mentioned that Lee Seung Gi’s sincerity towards Lee Da In is “genuine”. The biggest evidence of this is Lee Seung Gi’s conversion to Buddhism. Previously, Lee Seung Gi had a “devout Christian” image as photos of him being baptized while serving in the military spread. However, after meeting Lee Da In, he converted to Buddhism and revealed this during an interview. The Youtuber added, “The house in Seongbuk-dong, which was purchased to be used as the new headquarters of his new agency, was occupied by a company in which Lee Da In got listed as an in-house director. Despite the worsening public opinion, Lee Seung Gi’s love for Lee Da In was sincere enough for him to proceed with their marriage.”

Particularly, in an interview with the director of the new movie, “The Great Family”, Lee Seung Gi shared that he received the Buddhist name “Do Won” from an abbot, who provided him with great comfort.

Regarding the recent controversy, it was clarified that rumors of Lee Seung Gi failing to sell out fan meeting tickets due to worsening public opinion after his wedding were not true. Lee Seung Gi has planned four fan meetings in Korea, and the first concert is sold out, with only a few seats remaining for the following concerts.

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Lastly, there was sad news related to the couple’s wedding donations. The nonprofit organization “Symbiotic Sympathy” (literal translation) is a group that helps people with disabilities to become self-reliant. However, the organization became controversial after it was revealed that Lee Seung Gi’s mother-in-law, Kyeon Mi Ri, and her husband, were the president of the sponsorship committee. However, according to Lee Seung Gi, “Symbiotic Sympathy” is not a group established for personal profit, and no one from Kyeon Mi Ri’s family is involved in the management.

Furthermore, it was explained that there is no connection between being a sponsor and earning profits, and at least there is no profit that Kyeon Mi Ri can earn through “Symbiotic Sympathy”. Rather, the real problem is that the sponsors are withdrawing their support due to ongoing controversies, causing difficulties for the organization.

Source: Nate 

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