Lee Seung-gi, having too many talents is also a problem… Will “The Law Cafe” become his new representative work? 

The start of “The Law Cafe” is unusual. Will Lee Seung-gi be able to erase his dark past and create a new “best drama” in his career?

The first episode of KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “The Law Cafe (scripted by Im Eui-jung/ directed by Lee Eun-jin) recorded a high viewer rating of 7.1%, according to Nielsen Korea. It also achieved 2.0% in the 2049 chart and ranked 1st among dramas of the same broadcasting time on all channels, marking a good start. 

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“The Law Cafe” is a drama based on the original web novel of the same name by Noh Seung-ah, a writer who gained more than 25 million views. Taking on the role of Kim Jeong-ho, a former prosecutor who always appears in sportswear, Lee Seung-gi showed off his amazing chemistry with Lee Se-young, who plays Kim Yu-ri, a lawyer with a four-dimensional personality and extraordinary fashion sense, from the first episode. 

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In particular, Lee Seung-gi’s skillful and balanced acting performance in the first broadcast already attracted the viewers’ attention. It’s true that the character Kim Yu-ri is quite unreal since the drama is based on a web novel. The appearance of Lee Se-young’s character, who winked while making her argument in court wearing a leopard print blouse, is considered a “tension high” scene. The crazy characteristic of Kim Jeong-ho, which resulted from his relationship with Kim Yu-ri and their past romance, is another point. If Lee Seung-gi had not performed his acting with a perfect balance, the drama or the character could have become unrealistic and failed to impress the viewers. By showing stable chemistry with Lee Se-young from the beginning of the drama, Lee Seung-gi raised expectations for the development of a comic and romantic story in the next episodes. 

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In fact, Lee Seung-gi has too many talents, and that unexpectedly prevents him from establishing a solid position in one field. After Lee Seung-gi started acting and made a big hit with “Famous Princesses”, he was expected to star in many hit works. He did appear in blockbuster-level dramas but failed to make one explosive impression beyond the viewers’ expectations. Regardless of the ratings of “Vagabond” and “A Korean Odyssey”, it is true that Lee Seung-gi has not been able to find a work that can fully show his ability and charms as an actor.

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Therefore, this time, “The Law Cafe” will be a great stage for Lee Seung-gi to present his charms to the viewers for the first time in a while. It seems like Lee Seung-gi is also ready to grab this opportunity to regain his reputation as a romantic comedy lead actor.

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