Lee Seo-jin has 60 billion won in assets? “Six butlers and helpers at his grandfather’s house”

Actor Lee Seo-jin’s wealth and educational background is currently the talk of the town.

Channel A’s “Happy Morning,” which aired on Sep 28th, unveiled BEST 4 spectacular stars in the entertainment industry who are still single.

lee seo jin

Lee Seo-jin was named in 2nd place. Recently, he appeared as a porter in the entertainment program “Grandpa Over Flowers”, and he is said to come from an elite family in the financial industry. There is even a rumor that his assets alone are 60 billion won.

Lee Seo-jin’s grandfather is the late Lee Bo-hyung, who served as president of Seoul Bank and Jeil Bank. His late father, Lee Jae-eung, also served as the CEO of Anheung Mutual Savings and Finance Company, and Lee Seo-jin himself, a graduate of the Department of Business Administration at New York University, also served as the managing director of an asset management company. He is the third generation of a family with a financial industry tradition.

lee seo jin

When asked about his family’s financial resources in a broadcast in the past, Lee Seo-jin said, “It is true that there were many helpers in my grandfather’s house. There were three butlers and three helpers,” he said. However, he explained, “If I have so much money, why would I be taking care of the ‘Grandpas over Flowers’ in Europe?” on rumors that his assets are around 60 billion won.

As for his wedding plan, he said, “Love is said to last only three months. Staying with each other like a friend lasts the longest. I’m not doing it yet because I don’t want to get married.”

lee seo jin

Lee made his debut in the SBS drama ‘House Above the Wave’ in 1999. Since then, he has appeared in and made his face known through a number of dramas, including “Damo,” “Phoenix,” and “Yi San.”

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