Lee Se-young, “Library scenes filming was like a ‘heated hell’, I was worried that Lee Junho oppa would sense the smell of my sweat”

Lee Se-young revealed an unimaginable behind-the-scenes story of drama “The Red Sleeve”.

The 756th episode of MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star” aired on February 2nd broadcast the second part of the “Let’s Go To Our Palace” Special. This broadcast featured actors Lee Jun-ho, Lee Se-young, Jang Hye-jin, Oh Dae-hwan, Kang Hoon, and Lee Min-ji, the cast of drama “The Red Sleeve”, which ended with a rating of 17.4%.

lee se young

During the broadcast, actress Lee Se-young confessed that the filming for library scenes was particularly difficult because of the hot weather which was like a sauna. Lee Se-young said, “The library felt like hell. I had to film inside and in front of the bright lighting all the time. All the important details in the drama begin with the library scenes. We filmed the library scenes from the beginning of summer until midsummer when the hot temperature reached its peak. I stayed in the library all day long. I ate lunch and returned to filming in the library, then ate dinner and went back to the library. The next day’s filming was also in the library. At that time I thought ‘I’m just gonna die’.”

Upon hearing that, Lee Jun-ho said, “I could see Seyoung losing her weight day by day”. When asked what actors often do when they sweat, Lee Se-young said she just wipes the sweat off, adding, “Sweat flowed inside my clothes from my head to my legs”.

lee jun ho lee se young

Lee Se-young continued, “When the hanbok got wet because of sweat, it would have a fishy smell. Deok-ro oppa told me that every time I went inside, there would be the smell of the sea. Before Junho oppa came in, I was worried about the fishy smell. I was afraid that the smell would interrupt our filming of the melodramatic scenes in the library.” However, Lee Jun-ho protected Lee Se-young by saying, “You didn’t have that smell”.

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