Lee Se-young, “ I gained 8kg to make my face look more elegant to suit the image of Uibin Seong in The Red Sleeve”

Actress Lee Se-young revealed that she gained weight in order to play her character in drama “The Red Sleeve”.

The broadcast of MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star” aired on January 26th featured “The Red Sleeve” main cast, including actors Lee Jun-ho, Lee Se-young, Jang Hye-jin, Oh Dae-hwan, Kang Hoon and Lee Min-ji.

On this day, Lee Se-young shared, “I was taking a break after my previous work ‘Kairos’ ended then my friend told me that an online community article named me in the 1st place for the casting of Seong Deok-im in ‘The Red Sleeve’. As I kept looking at it, I became more interested in the role”, adding, “Then, two months later, the casting offer was sent to my company, so I thought this was really my destiny.”

lee se young

Upon hearing this, Lee Jun-ho shared, “I didn’t have a single vote. I was not even mentioned in the discussion because I was serving in the military at that time”, saying he envied Lee Se-young.

Lee Se-young revealed, “I gained weight to make a slight difference in visuals from when my character was 18 years old until she became a concubine. At first, I put on about 3kg with no problem. But I lost 3kg after just a day of filming. I had to run in hot weather and sweat a lot”.

lee se young

She then said, “When I became Uibin Seong, I should have looked more stylish and elegant, but I lost too much weight. I kept eating to gain extra weight on my face, and I gained up to 8kg. I learned from Jun-ho that cheesecake is good when gaining weight. So I continued to eat it with fried bread, sugar, jam, butter, and mayonnaise.”

lee se young lee jun ho

In response, Lee Jun-ho confessed, “Lee Se-young ate like that for half a year while I kept eating chicken breast.”

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