Lee Sang-yeob posted a photo on Instagram today (April 25th)… Netizens are going crazy

Actor Lee Sang-yeob posted a photo of him wearing clothes reminiscent of a “couple look” with singer Jessi.

On April 25th, Lee Sang-yeob uploaded a photo on his Instagram along with the caption saying “Cheer up, fighting H.O!!”. In the photo, Lee Sang-yeob and Jessi were posing with the statue in the background. Jessi put her hand on Lee Sang-yeob‘s shoulder. The two exuded a “couple look” feeling in “mint” outfits.

Lee Sang Yeob

Netizens who saw the photo expressed various opinions, such as “The same color of clothes?”, “Did they really decide to date each other?”, “They look good together”, “I hope they date each other”, “I think they’re filming something”…

Lee Sang Yeob

Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob are appearing together on tvN’s “Sixth Sense 3”.

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