Lee Jun Ki paired up with an actress who is almost 10 years younger in the upcoming drama

Lee Jun Ki and Kim Ji Eun will be starring together in the new SBS drama “Again My Life”.

Recently, actor Lee Jun Ki‘s new drama “Again My Life” has officially released an extremely attractive poster. The work starring Lee Jun Ki and Kim Ji Eun is a highly anticipated SBS drama in 2022.

lee jun ki kim ji eun

The drama is adapted from the novel by Lee Hae Nal, which was also released as a webtoon previously. The drama’s director is Han Chul Soo who made the success of My Little Baby and Graceful Family.

“Again My Life” is a story about a young and talented prosecutor named Kim Hee Woo (Lee Jun Ki) who gets a second chance at life to serve justice by uprooting a corrupt system and removing an evil and powerful figure. Kim Ji Eun plays Kim Hee Ah, a tough and strong lady, the youngest daughter of the CEO of Cheonha Corporation. In particular, veteran actor Lee Kyung Young will play the villainous senator Jo Tae Seob.

lee jun ki kim ji eun

The first poster was released, showcasing Kim Hee Woo with a flame of fierce determination in his eyes and on the face, ready to seek revenge and defeat the evil force that took his life. The two images are stacked on top of each other, implying the two lives of the young prosecutor.

The second poster includes the character Kim Hee Woo, while Hee Woo still maintains an absolute resolute and unyielding demeanor, the eyes of Kim Hee Ah’s character are filled with regret for Hee Woo with the endless battle full of difficulties ahead. Above all, her eyes also show an extremely strong will when accompanying Hee Woo in the journey to find justice for society.

lee jun ki

It is known that this is the first collaboration between actors Lee Jun Ki and Kim Ji Eun. And despite the age difference, the public is eagerly waiting for the couple’s good chemistry in this new drama. “Again My Life” is slated to premiere on April 8th, 2022.

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