This veteran actress is said to look like BLACKPINK’s Jennie in her old photos

Actress Kim Soo-mi, whose young visuals were exotic and unique but not noticed at the time, became famous for having played elderly roles since the age of 32.

The actress used to make headlines for her role as a mother of a senior two years older than her. However, Kim Soo-mi once ran away to Jeju Island in the middle of her career because she hated playing old woman roles. The actress ended up playing a mother role in the hit drama “Country Diary” for 21 years.

kim soo mi

Recently, Kim Soo-mi showed some of her old photos, which depicts her beauty in her prime, in the MBN variety show <A Match with God>

In the show, Do Kyung-wan admired her foreign-like beauty, which resembles actress Natalie Wood, saying, “If you were born in this era, your features would have been more of a hot topic.”

kim soo m

Kim Gu-ra couldn’t hide his surprise, saying he could see BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Jisoo in Kim Soo-mi’s past photos.

kim soo mi jennie

Kim Soo-mi was such an amazing beauty but had to act as an elderly person since she was young due to being born in the wrong era. However, she showed the same confident attitude as she is now when she was a rookie, and rumors spread among the staff that she was an “admiral’s daughter.”

kim soo m

Meanwhile, Kim Soo-mi is often seen on variety shows rather than dramas these days. 

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