Lee Joon Gi lived on the set of “Arthdal Chronicles 2” without returning home to preserve character immersion

“Arthdal Chronicles 2” released a keyword interview video ahead of the drama’s official broadcast

The official YouTube channel of Disney Plus Korea recently uploaded a video titled, “‘The Sword of Aramoon’ Keyword Interview”, before airing the first episode on September 9th. 

The interview video shows Jang Dong Gun (as Tagon), Lee Joon Gi (as Eunseom/ Saya), Shin Se Kyung (as Tanya), and Kim Ok Vin (as Tae Alha) taking turns pulling out the swords and answering questions related to the keywords written on the swords. The actors created a pleasant atmosphere with their acting and lovely expressions when pulling out the swords.

Starting with “Return of an Epic Fantasy Drama”, then “Arth, The Mythical Land”, “The Heroes of Arth”, and “War-like Love”, the four actors gave honest and witty talks surrounding the four keywords and stimulated viewers’ curiosity about the official broadcast of “Arthdal Chronicles 2: The Sword of Aramoon”.

In particular, Lee Joon Gi said, “Since the world in the drama is not real, it was especially difficult to imagine it while acting. In order not to break my immersion into the character, I boldly gave up on going home and just lived on the set. It was not easy to get used to the characters, the names, the worldview, etc., and I was afraid that I would forget them all after leaving the set. That’s why I decided to stay there”, revealing his passion for acting. 

Arthdal Chronicles 2 keyword interview

Shin Se Kyung also shared, “The lines of my character were exceptionally complicated because she’s a Great Spiritual Mother. I had to say a lot every time I opened my mouth. People in the production team called me ‘Today’s Narrator’.”

Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ok Vin also showed off their perfect teamwork during the interview, raising fans’ expectations for their chemistry as a couple in the drama.

Arthdal Chronicles 2 keyword interview

Regarding the keyword “War-like Love”, Shin Se Kyung said, “The process of Tanya and Eunseom’s romance is formed is like a war, and Saya’s one-sided love for Tanya is also a war. The relationship between Tagon and Tae Alha is also a ‘war-like love’ and you will be able to see them as parents. There are many touching scenes”.

Lastly, the four actors came up with keywords to describe “Arthdal Chronicles 2”. Jang Dong Gun said, “Exciting episodes”, and Lee Joon Gi added, “A comprehensive set of gifts”. Shin Se Kyung hints at “a feast”, while Kim Ok Vin promised “action scenes that satisfy viewers’ eyes and five senses”.

Source: Daum

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