Lee Ji Ah and Han Hye Jin’s acting controversy: were the standards set too high by Lee Bo Young and Jeon Do Yeon?

The standards set by JTBC’s “Agency” and tvN’s “Crash Course in Romance” leading actresses are exceptionally high. 

Lee Bo Young and Jeon Do Yeon, who played the female leads in JTBC’s “Agency” and “tvN’s “Crash Course in Romance”, proved their outstanding presence through their acting skills alone. The two shone in two successful dramas before passing the baton to Lee Ji Ah and Han Hye Jin.

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However, high expectations can lead to disappointment. As a result, Lee Ji Ah and Han Hye Jin, the lead actresses in tvN’s new weekend drama “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” (hereafter referred to as “Pandora”) and JTBC’s “Divorce Attorney Shin” respectively, are being criticized for their lackluster performances and considered as flaws in their respective works.

“Pandora” is a story revolving around Hong Tae Ra, a woman living a life that everyone envies. She seeks revenge on the manipulative force that altered her destiny by recovering the memories of her lost past.

From the early stages, “Pandora” gained considerable attention as it was a new drama from Kim Soon Ok, who penned SBS’s “The Penthouse”. 

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Moreover, Lee Ji Ah, who played a key role in “The Penthouse,” became the talk of the town as she worked with Kim Soon Ok again. Lee Ji Ah prepared for her role in “Pandora” by focusing on her physical fitness to build abs and put her energy into action scenes, raising anticipation.

As previously revealed by Lee Ji Ah, the character she plays is a perfect killer, externally. However, her inaccurate pronunciation and unstable tone disturb the audience’s immersion. Despite Hong Tae Ra being a killer blinded by revenge, Lee Ji Ah’s portrayal of the character feels somewhat weak.

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Meanwhile, Han Hye Jin’s acting in “Divorce Attorney Shin” is not much different from Lee Ji Ah’s. As opposed to her co-star Jo Seung Woo, she has stiff expressions and an unsuitable tone of acting that does not fit with the flow of the drama, drawing criticisms from viewers.

“Divorce Attorney Shin” is a new drama from writer Yoo Young Ah, who also wrote tvN’s “Encounter” and JTBC’s “Thirty Nine”, about a divorce lawyer named Shin Sung Han (played by Jo Seung Woo), who encounters an unusual divorce case. 

Jo Seung Woo’s return to the small screen as the main character in a promising drama was expected to guarantee its success. The first episode recorded a viewer rating of 7.3%, starting off smoothly. However, as the episodes progressed, the atmosphere became less exciting.

The drama’s lackluster performance can be attributed to various factors, but some viewers point out that Han Hye Jin’s unsatisfactory acting hinders the audience’s immersion. 

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In the drama, Han Hye Jin portrays Lee Seo Jin, a radio DJ whose soul is shattered by domestic violence from her husband. Lee Seo Jin is unable to withstand her husband’s ongoing abuse and demands a divorce. She has a dramatic story and deep wounds.

Despite playing a woman who has suffered from domestic violence and is dealing with the aftermath, Han Hye Jin fails to convey the character’s emotional scars. Instead, her portrayal comes off as aloof and cold.

This is because Han Hye Jin’s signature voice tone and monotonous facial expressions fail to blend in with the story, making it hard for viewers to fully immerse themselves in the drama. 

As “Pandora” and “Divorce Attorney Shin” have progressed to the middle and second half, viewers wonder if Lee Ji Ah and Han Hye Jin can perform better and overcome the high bar set by Lee Bo Young and Jeon Do Yeon in the previous dramas. 

Source: Naver

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