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Lee Guk-joo, “It’s hard to go up from the 4th to the 6th floor, so I move around even inside my house”

Lee Guk-joo said that she packs her luggage even inside the house.

Comedian Lee Guk-joo appeared on MBC’s “Where is My Home“, which aired on June 26th.

On this day’s broadcast, Park Young-jin asked Lee Guk-joo, “Did you care about the interior of the house you are living in?” Lee Guk-joo replied, “My house now has one room on each floor. On the first floor there’s a kitchen and a living room, and on the terrace there’s a low wooden bench.

where is my home

Lee Guk-joo’s house has a kitchen and a living room on the 4th floor, a dressing room on the 5th floor and a bedroom on the 6th floor. Park Na-rae explained, “I once went to Lee Guk-joo’s house to play. When I asked if it’d be hard to go up to the 6th floor since there are 4th, 5th and 6th floors, she said that she packs her luggage in the bedroom on days she drinks.”

where is my home

Lee Guk-joo revealed, “I pack my stuff in an eco bag and drink and play on the 4th floor. When my mouth is dry because of hangover, I pack water and go up. I always move around.”

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