Current whereabouts of the “Stairway to Heaven” heartthrob who is Kim Tae Hee’s real-life younger brother 

Although he is more known as Kim Tae Hee’s brother, Lee Wan is still a charming actor. 

Actor Lee Wan, born Kim Hyung Soo in 1984, younger brother of top actress Kim Tae Hee, is famous for his handsome and masculine looks. He made his debut in the entertainment industry as led by his sister. In 2003, he starred in a MV as recommended by Kim Tae Hee. He then became an actor with the stage name Lee Wan.

He joined his sister in the cast of the classic drama “Stairway to Heaven”. Lee Wan played the young self of Han Tae Hwa, while Kim Tae Hee transformed into the mean girl Han Yuri when she was an adult.

The success of “Stairway to Heaven” brought more opportunities to Lee Wan. He left a good impression on the audience with his roles in TV series such as “Tree Of Heaven”, “Snow White”, “Our Gap Soon”,… After 2017, Lee Wan took a long hiatus before coming back to the screen in the 2021 movie “Cinema Street”.

In the 2000s, Lee Wan was a promising young actor.  He has both the looks and skills. However, him being related to an A-list actress at Kim Tae Hee’s level made it difficult for the public to remember him as just an actor without mentioning his sister. 

In 2021, Lee Wan made a comeback in “Cinema Street”, starring Han Sun Hwa but did not gain great success.

While Kim Tae Hee has had a very successful career, becoming a beauty icon, loved by the Korean public and media, Lee Wan is not as lucky. He tried and worked hard in filming but the results were not as expected.

However, Lee Wan is very grateful and loves Tae Hee. He shared with the press that his life has become easier and better thanks to his sister’s fame, many people have helped and treated Lee Wan well knowing that he is Kim Tae Hee’s younger brother.

They also maintain a strong bond. Kim Tae Hee frequently invites him to travel, chat, and share daily life experiences. Lee Wan’s relationship with his brother-in-law, Rain, is also very good. He is delighted that his sister has found a good husband and is enjoying a happy marriage.

stairway to heaven

Currently, Lee Wan lives a rather private life and rarely reveals anything about his life. In December 2019, he married professional golfer Lee Bo Mi. He is now happy with his small family and enjoys peaceful days, away from the entertainment world.

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