Lee Dong Wook’s Pride in Being the Reason for Gong Yoo and Jang Do Yeon Meeting for the First Time

In the original content ‘Salon Drip’ released on July 25th, actor Lee Dong Wook made an appearance.

On that day, Jang Do Yeon asked, “Were you upset that Gong Yoo took the guest spot on ‘Salon Drip’?” to which Lee Dong Wook replied, “Not at all. It was great to be with Gong Yoo. Isn’t it because of me that Gong Yoo and Jang Do Yeon first met? I felt proud and delighted to be part of the first episode to shine a light on it.”

Upon hearing this, Jang Do Yeon asked, “Have you ever talked about ‘Salon Drip’?” and Lee Dong Wook responded, “No. Even if I talked about it, would it be fun? I was just happy to see Do Yeon after a long time. It’s built on trust for Jang Do Yeon. You know how great and skilled she is at hosting.

lee dong wook

When asked how many views they expect to get, Lee Dong Wook said, “It seems impossible to beat Gong Yoo, but I’d be grateful if it reaches around 2 million. Did Gong Yoo come out the best?” and Jang Do Yeon shook her head, saying, “He did well. I’m so thankful. The first episode’s guest is crucial. Gong Yoo’s name sold well. From today, I’ll sell Lee Dong Wook’s name.

Lee Dong Wook cheered on Jang Do Yeon, “As much as you want. I hope ‘Salon Drip’ continues for a long time.”

Source: Daum. 

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