Lee Dong Wook to star in “The Good Man”… “positive consideration”

Actor Lee Dong-wook received an offer to cast the main character of the drama ‘The Good Man” and is arranging his appearance.

According to a coverage published on YTN star on September 29th, it was confirmed that actor Lee Dong Wook was offered the role of the main character in the drama “The Good Man” (literal translation) and was arranging his appearance. An official from “The Good Man” also explained, “Lee Dong Wook is positively considering his appearance.”

lee dong wook

“The Good Man” is directed by Kim Woon Kyung, who has written “landmarks” in Korean drama history, with works including K-dramas like “The Moon of Seoul”, “A Bluebird Has It”, and “Steal Heart”, as well as movies like “Failan”, “Maundy Thursday”, and “Boomerang Family”. It is also produced by HYBE Media Corp and director Song Hae Sung of “Inside Men” and “Chiefs of Namsan,”

“The Good Man” is a story of laughter and tears about the turbulent events that Seok Cheol, the eldest son of a three-generation gangster family, goes through a lot of trouble to protect his family, work and love.

Lee Dong-wook

Lee Dong Wook, who has been constantly trying to transform his character through “Goblin”, “Strangers From Hell”, “Tale of the Nine-Tailed”, and most recently, “Bad and Crazy”, is drawing  high expectations for the new image that will be shown through “The Good Man”.

“The Good Man” will finish casting this year and start filming in earnest early next year.

Lee Dong-wook

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Wook is about to meet viewers through “Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938”, a prequel of his 2020 work “Tale of the Nine-Tailed”.

Source: daum

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