Namgoong Min: Struggling in his rookie years, blew up late, now impresses with his acting in every work

Namgoong Min is one of the most trustworthy K-drama stars when it comes to acting. 

Namgoong Min is one of the most talented Korean actors in their 40s. Having excellent acting and good eyes for the scripts, Namgoong Min is a star whom viewers can always trust and watch without having any doubts. To achieve the success he has today, Namgoong Min has gone through a lot of difficulties. 

Namgoong Min first participated in an audition when he was in college. Although he failed to get cast, his passion for acting grew stronger. Throughout his 20s, he kept taking on minor roles and struggled to make the audiences remember his face. He did not even have an agent to provide him necessary support. 

His acting is extraordinary now, but at the beginning of his career, Namgoong Min’s acting was not appreciated. He was even insulted by a director for his poor performance. He didn’t study professional acting and lacked skills so he was scolded a lot on the set when he was a rookie. The excellent performances Namgoong Min now delivers in every work is the result of his admirable improvement thanks to hard work over the years. 

In 2014, the drama “12 Years Promise” starring Namgoong Min was cut off half way into its run due to low ratings. His next drama, “City Conquest” was even removed from broadcast permanently despite having finished filming. In 2015, Namgoong Min played a villain for the first time and had his first breakout role after 14 years of acting, in “A Girl Who Sees Smell”.

Namgoong Min is a detail-oriented and passionate actor. He loves his job and is very serious about it. On his scripts, there are always his thoughts on each scene written all over. After wrapping up filming, he even put those writings into a note and kept them as a memory. Namgoong Min also likes to watch his own works, so he can monitor his acting and see if there is anything he can improve. 

Nam Goong Min is a very detailed and careful person. In particular, in his script, he always writes dense notes about his thoughts and feelings for each scene. When the filming process of the work ended, the actor will meticulously cut those notes and stick them into his notebook. In addition, as a perfectionist, after filming, Nam Goong Min will review his work very carefully to check for what he needs to improve so that he can do better next time.

Talent is like that, but in his acting career, the actor has many times missed the opportunity to win prestigious film awards. He has been nominated for Best Actor award 3 times at Baeksang but has never won.

However, all the efforts of the actor were not in vain. His acting ability was highly appreciated by the audience through excellent works such as Good Manager, Doctor Prisoner, Hot Stove League or The Veil. Not only that, Nam Goong Min also won the Daesang twice at the prestigious drama awards of 2 Korean national stations, the MBC Drama Awards and SBS Drama Awards.

In addition, the actor is also nicknamed the “lucky star” when most of his co-stars have achieved much success in their careers after collaborating with him. A few names that can be mentioned are Junho, Park Eun Bin or Kim Seon Ho,…

The fairy-tale love story of Nam Goong Min and actress Jin Ah Reum is also something that many people admire about him. The actor fell in love at first sight the first time he met Jin Ah Reum. He did not hesitate to take the initiative to confess to the actress and use his sincerity to make the actress say yes, starting a beautiful love story. The couple’s relationship was publicized in 2016 after a year of dating in secret and the two have decided to officially get married this year after 7 years together.


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