Lee Dong Wook on “Salon Drip”, “Household chores are supposed to be done by men. I’ll do it if I get married”

Actor Lee Dong Wook revealed his honest thoughts on dating and marriage.

On July 25th, Lee Dong Wook made a guest appearance on the web entertainment show “Salon Drip” on the Youtube channel “TEO” and showed off his witty talks.

That day, Lee Dong Wook was nicknamed “pocket man master” by host Jang Do Yeon. It is because the actor is very close to broadcasters who are short, such as Jo Se Ho, Nam Chang Hee, and Yoo Byung Jae.

lee dong wook

Lee Dong Wook shared, “Every time I have an interview on Youtube, people would ask how we became close. I made friends with them since we did entertainment programs and served in the military together”. He jokingly complained, “Whenever I did such interviews, they didn’t listen to my stories and only asked about them. I don’t like that”.

When asked, “If you already have plans to have dinner with Jo Se Ho and Nam Chang Hee but Gong Yoo suddenly calls and asks you to go fishing with him, what would you do?”, Lee Dong Wook replied without hesitation, “I’ll go fishing”.

lee dong wook

Jang Do Yeon continued asking, “If I contact you when you are on your way to go fishing with Gong Yoo and offer you a 50% stake in TEO, would you appear on ‘Salon Drip’?”, Lee Dong Wook playfully said, “Then, I’ll go with ‘Salon Drip’. You would give me 50%, right?”.

In the meantime, Lee Dong Wook is known as a housework master. That day, Lee Dong Wook said, “Even if I get married, I will take care of everything. I have my own way of doing housework, and I think I will feel uncomfortable when others do it differently.”

He added, “This is my personal opinion. I think household chores are supposed to be done by men. It requires strength, so it’s better for men who are stronger to handle them.”

lee dong wook

Lee Dong Wook also shared his honest thoughts about marriage. He confessed, “Sometimes I do feel lonely, but I wonder if I can date or marry someone. As I spend more time alone and have become comfortable with it, I wonder if I can fully accept the inconveniences that come with sharing my time and space with someone else.”

In addition, he said, “When I see my friends getting married, I envy them”. Upon hearing that, Jang Do Yeon recommended him to appear on the show “I Am SOLO”, drawing laughter.

Source: Naver

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