Park So-dam has recovered from thyroid papilla cancer, “I’m sorry for causing the difficult situation”

After completing thyroid papillary cancer surgery at the end of last year, Park So-dam expressed her feelings through an interview with the movie “Special Cargo”.  

The first criminal entertainment action movie of this year, “Special Cargo,” released an interview with actor Park So-dam, who plays the main role of specialized driver Eun-ha. She expressed her feelings after completing thyroid papillary cancer surgery at the end of last year.

Park So-dam

Park So-dam, who challenged her first action work, is receiving high praises such as “Watch Park So-dam if you are looking for some high-quality car chase” and “The pinnacle of girl-crush!” by perfectly performing high-level car-chasing and striking action scenes. “Special Cargo” full of thrilling action scenes has recently released a written interview with Park So-dam ahead of its release on Wednesday, January 12th, raising expectations for Park So-dam‘s performance in the movie. During the interview, she talked about what the audience is most curious about at the moment, which is her health recovery.

Park So-dam

Q: As far as I know, your health is recovering, so please give the audience a brief greeting on how you has been doing, and a New Year’s greetings.

Hello, I’m Park Sodam. First of all, happy new year! I’m supposed to meet you in person and say hello, but I’m sorry that the situation is not favorable. When I was promoting “Parasite”, you guys were very curious about my hair color, but now I can finally talk about it. I think we haven’t got the chance to see each other after I said “See you again in “Special Cargo,” and it’s already been two and a half years. I’m sorry that I have to say hello like this. But I’m really happy to tell you what happened while filming “Special Cargo” and my feelings. It’s a work that I’ve received a lot of help from and I also wanted to talk a lot about the character Eun-ha and “Special Cargo”.

Above all, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t participate in the promotional activities of “Special Cargo.” I’m recovering well thanks to many people’s support. Once again, thank you for your support and encouragement!

If I want to do what I really want to do and what I like doing, I need to be healthy as an actor and a person. I’ve always thought about it, so I was surprised and scared after hearing about my condition, but I think it gave me time to look back and take care of myself. Thanks to that, I’ll recover well and take care of myself and greet you as a much healthier me than before! Until then, please stay healthy, both physically and mentally! Thank you!


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