Lee Dong Hwi clarifies controversy surrounding his “disruption” of Ryu Jun Yeol’s photo exhibition

Actor Lee Dong Hwi clarified the ongoing controversy surrounding him

On Sep 19th, Lee Dong Hwi and Esom, who starred in the movie “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman”, appeared as guests on the channel TEO’s “Salon Drip 2”.

During the show, messages from Lee Dong Hwi’s close friends were revealed. Singer-actress Hyeri exposed, “It was the day of the ‘Reply 1988’ gathering, but Dong Hwi was late. Even though he was late, he confidently walked in, so I asked, ‘Why are you so late?’ He said, ‘I filmed ‘The Game Caterers’ today. I was late because I was hard carrying the recording.’ He talked a lot about his performance, but I wasn’t interested and stopped listening. What did he carry?

lee dong hwi

Lee Dong Hwi explained, “When I meet that friend, we’re always busy talking about ourselves. We can’t really communicate with each other. I used to wonder why I couldn’t guess the answers when playing character quizzes. So, I guessed 15 people by myself.”

Additionally, the controversy surrounding Lee Dong Hwi’s “disruption” of actor Ryu Jun Yeol’s photo exhibition was brought up. Lee Dong Hwi shared, “I’ve been in the entertainment industry for about 10 years, and there’s been no big controversy. But when I heard that I caused a controversy, I looked it up, and it was about that incident. I didn’t plan to attend the exhibition that day, but everyone was going, so I went along. Nevertheless, I want to emphasize that people are still laughing about it. Considering it’s been a controversy for several years, it seems like a representative work.”

Source: Daum

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