Lee Do Hyun’s love life: From sacrificing girlfriend for a role to confirming relationship with co-star

Lee Do Hyun was once the one who could break up with his girlfriend just for a role.

April Fools’ Day 2023 truly exploded with news of the romantic relationship between Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon – two stars of the blockbuster hit “The Glory”. Alongside many congratulations to the couple, some fans couldn’t help but remember Lee Do Hyun‘s love history, including the dramatic love affair in 2020, when he was completely different.


Returning to the time when Lee Do Hyun first rose to fame in the Korean entertainment industry, he shared some surprising details about his personal life. When participating in the drama “Sweet Home,” Lee Do Hyun had a non-celebrity girlfriend.

Lee Do Hyun
Lee Do Hyun

They were still in a passionate relationship at that time. However, Lee Do Hyun broke up with his girlfriend when he was cast in Sweet Home, a decision that surprised many. In an interview with Esquire Korea, he explained, “I told my girlfriend at the time that we should break up so that I can focus on acting in the drama. I don’t know why I did that. I was only 21-22 years old.” In Sweet Home, Lee Do Hyun played Lee Eun Hyuk, a character who also lost the girl he loved. To understand the character’s pain, the 90s-born actor from Korea went as far as breaking up with his real-life girlfriend.

Lee Do Hyun also revealed that his ex-girlfriend was very confused at the time. In response to her words, the Sweet Home star explained that his career was his number one priority back then.

Source: k14

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