Lee Da Hae is seen in China selling low-quality whitening body cream on livestream

In detail, the actress was reported by many bloggers on China’s Weibo that she appears on a livestream channel, where she constantly calls upon viewers to buy a poorly-known cosmetic product, shocking people.

The video is currently swirling around the Internet. In the video, with the soundtrack of “My Girl” as the background, the actress speaks entirely in Chinese, saying: “I’m Korean, I know very well the quality of cosmetics. My dear customers, let’s order.” Lee Da Hae introduces that the product is from Seoul. However, the products have cheap prices and is from a poorly-known brand name, which makes many netizens doubt that the Korean beauty is selling “low-quality whitening cream”, or some knockoff products with poor quality. 

On the Internet, many fans expressed their disappointment. Many people think that Lee Da Hae has passed her hey day and is now trying to go to China to sell stuffs online for extra income. Currently, the actress has yet to give any feedback on this scandal.

Lee Da Hae selling low-quality whitening body cream

Lee Da Hae, born in 1984, is famous for her role in the drama series “My Girl” with her co-actor Lee Dong Wook. Having a sweet and lovely beauty, she is beloved by a large number of Asian audiences. Notably, in 2012, she had a dating rumor with Evan Li. People said that he was head over heels in love with her to the point that he went to Korea to find her.

However, in 2014, the actress revealed to be in love with singer Se7en after a long time being pursued by him. So far, the couple has been together for 8 years.

Lee Da Hae selling low-quality whitening body cream
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