Lee Chae-yeon’s agency, “We are very sorry and upset about the controversy over the similarities in album designs”

Singer Lee Chae-yeon released her position on the controversy over the similarities between her first mini-album “HUSH RUSH” and another artist’s album.

On October 8th, Lee Chae-yeon’s agency WM Entertainment officially stated, “We are very sorry and upset about the controversy over the similarity between our design with that of another artist’s album”.

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The agency explained, “The concept of the first mini album “HUSH RUSH” of our artist Lee Chae-yeon compares the excitement of the vampire’s first time coming out of the world with the first start of Lee Chae-yeon as a solo artist, and we also planned the music video shoot with the same concept”, adding “Images, such as the eyeball, used in the album were also drawn using the objects that can express the ‘vampire’ concept. Also, we took advantage of the point colors that are often used in horror designs or designs with the Halloween vibe for this album”.

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Revealing that they used paid font that fits the overall mood of the album, WM Entertainment added, “‘HUSH RUSH’ is an album that contains the distinctive image and independent narrative that we want to convey. We are so sorry for causing concern to fans who have been waiting and showing support for Lee Chae-yeon’s debut”.

Lastly, the agency said, “Since this album has been prepared and planned for a long time, we hope you can show warm gazes and lots of interest in Lee Chae-yeon, who is about to make her start with a new appearance, and her first mini-album ‘HUSH RUSH’”. 

Meanwhile, shortly after Lee Chae-yeon’s ‘HUSH RUSH’ album was released, suspicions arose online pointing out that her album design was similar to that of SHINee Key’s solo album “Gasoline”. 

Source: daum

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