Lee Chaeyeon’s debut album and Key’s “Gasoline” boast eerie similarities.. Netizens agree

The designs of Lee Chaeyeon’s debut album and SHINee Key’s “Gasoline” album are drawing attention for uncanny similar concepts 

Recently, WM Entertainment released the full design for the solo debut album of Lee Chaeyeon (former IZ*ONE member). Embracing a kitsch and gothic vampire concept, Lee Chaeyeon’s album “Hush Rush” immediately drew attention, though not of a positive kind. In particular, the album boasts uncanny similarities with a previous album – SHINee Key’s “Gasoline”, which was released back in August. 

It can be seen that the two albums share similar color schemes, concept, fonts… as well as vectors and images like lightning, eyes, and a melted heart on the CD. In addition, the track list of Lee Chaeyeon also greatly resembles that of Key. 

As of the moment, some people are suspecting WM Entertainment of plagiarizing Key’s album design. However, others believe that this is an unfortunate coincidence as the time frame is too tight.

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • Isn’t this… too similar?
  • At first sight they look like the same album
  • The font and the color scheme are exactly the same 
  • Even the heart of the CD… this can’t be a coincidence
  • Did SM and WM hired the same third party to design these?
  • I understand that they both follow the kitsch/goth trend but the similarities are uncanny 
  • Are you sure these are not different versions of the same album?
  • Isn’t “Hush Rush” in preparation for an extremely long time? It’s a highly anticipated debut album and they couldn’t be careful?
  • Is this intentional? WM is doing some dirty noise marketing for Lee Chaeyeon’s debut?
  • Can you even copy something like this within just a month though? Normally most preparation should be done ages ago
  • “Hush Rush” looks like a cheap version of “Gasoline”

Source: Facebook

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