“Dating rumors with Jun Hyun-moo?” Jessi, making the studio tumultuous with “♥darling”

Singer Jessi got Jun Hyun-moo twisted around her finger with her various charms.

Jessi appeared as the 8th original singer on JTBC’s “Hidden Singer 7”, which aired on Oct 7th, and became the final winner.


On this day’s broadcast, Jessi boasted her unrivaled voice and charisma while showing off her love for fans through the confrontation with impersonators, creating a warm atmosphere.

In addition, Jessi showed off her tikitaka chemistry with MC Jun Hyun-moo, adding to the fun. Jun Hyun-moo could not hide his bewilderment at Jessi’s emotional ups and downs.


Jessi looked displeased with Jun Hyun-moo’s characteristic annoying hosting. Jun Hyun-moo seemed discouraged by Jessi’s rough appearance but continued his annoying hosting to the end, causing laughter.

Besides, whenever Jessi heard impersonators’ touching stories, she turned around as if she was going to cry. At this time, Jessi shouted an unknown word at Jun Hyun-moo. Song Eun-yi asked “You said ‘darling’?“, making the studio tumultuous.

Then, celebrity judges sympathized with Song Eun-yi’s words and reacted as if surprised. Lee Guk-joo made everyone burst into laughter by saying, “I was surprised because I thought the dating rumors would explode.”


“Hidden Singer 7” Jessi episode, which was full of laughter, tears, emotions and unexpected situations, recorded 3.1% (based on Nielsen Korea’s paid households nationwide), down 1.2% from the previous episode.

Meanwhile, “Hidden Singer 7” airs every Friday at 8:50 PM.

Source: daum

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