Lee Byung Hun, “If Lee Min Jung calls ‘oppa’, I’ll quickly run to her, even when I’m watching a movie”

Lee Byung Hun expressed his extraordinary love for his wife Lee Min Jung.

Episode 206 of “You Quiz on the Block”, which aired on August 9th, featured actor Lee Byung Hun as a guest.

On the show, Yoo Jae Suk said, “You met Song Kang Ho as North and South Korean soldiers (in a movie), and I heard you two showed no awkwardness from the first time meeting each other”. In response, Lee Byung said, “I don’t usually feel awkward with anyone. I can quickly get along well with everyone”. Yoo Jae Suk then asked, “How about Im Si Wan?”. Lee Byung Hun replied, “He looks good on the outside”, drawing laughter.

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Getting praised as “God of Acting”, Lee Byung Hun said, “I think Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho would probably feel the same. Don’t you feel great when someone says, ‘You’re so funny and interesting’? You can just accept those compliments and feel good about hearing such nice words. But I don’t want to hear compliments without sincerity. I want people to praise me with their genuine feelings”.

Recalling his adlibs in the movie “Inside Men”, which became a famous line, Lee Byung Hun shared, “I did it as a joke during the rehearsal. The staff and the director found it so funny. I actually liked it so I purposely said it during the rehearsal to see their reactions”.

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The actor did not forget to brag about his wife. He revealed a list of the good things about Lee Min Jung.

For over 26 seconds, Lee Byung Hun slowly said, “Lee Min Jung cooks very well. She’s a great mom. She is good at playing golf. I think she’s a very talented person.”

He added, “She’s very friendly and humorous. She makes me laugh all the time. When people around me asked about her charms and why I married her, I said she was funny and she made me laugh a lot.”

lee byung hun

In addition, Lee Min Jung picked “coffee” while Lee Byung Hun picked “I’m hungry” as what they said to each other the most.

Lee Byung Hun shared, “Whenever she calls ‘oppa’, I will immediately react. I often get distracted by long conversations because I can’t remember the details. But if she just calls me like that, I’ll run to her quickly even when I’m watching a movie. The only problem is that I often struggle to understand the whole story”, expressing his affection for his wife.

Source: Daum

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