“Emergency Declaration” Lee Byung-hun: “Actually has panic disorder, always carries emergency medicine around”

“Emergency Declaration” Lee Byung-hun confessed that he is actually suffering from panic disorder.

On July 28th, Lee Byung-hun talked about his latest appearance in the movie “Emergency Declaration” (directed by Han Jae-rim, produced by MAGNUM 9) through a video interview.

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“Emergency Declaration” is a reality aviation disaster film that takes place on a plane that declared unconditional landing due to an unprecedented air terrorism situation. In the movie, Lee Byung-hun played the role of Jae-hyuk, a passenger on the plane going to Hawaii for his daughter’s treatment.

In the interview, Lee Byung-hun mentioned Jae-hyuk. Jae-hyuk is a person who suffers from panic disorder due to a trauma in the past. In particular, these anxiety symptoms can worsen on airplanes.

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In this regard, Lee Byung-hun confessed that he also suffered from panic disorder. He said, “Depending on the situation, there are times when the symptoms come out, and there are times when it comes to hyperventilation. Most people with panic disorder will experience those, but there is always emergency medicine. I carry emergency medicine because I don’t know when and how the symptoms will come. I’m in that state,” he said.

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Lee Byung-hun also expressed his thoughts on his role of Jae-hyuk role in the movie. He explained, “Jae-hyuk was a pilot in the past, but he is also an ordinary, likely character that can be anywhere around us.”

“Because I have a fear of flying, I feel extremely anxious and scared all the time, and that’s why I’m the first to respond and be stunned by the situation,” he said. “I thought he represented the passengers’ shock. He is the most ordinary character, and I thought that he would represent and express the people of the plane to respond immediately to a certain situation.”

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