LE SSERAFIM’s newly-teased choreography may be too similar to TWICE?

The choreography in LE SSERAFIM’s new teaser is said to bear a strange resemblance with one from TWICE.

LE SSERAFIM is a highly-anticipated girl group before they even debuted, but the group has already stumbled into a fair share of scandals: from Kim Garam’s bullying allegations to Kim Chaewon being accused of getting into IZ*ONE unfairly. 

As LE SSERAFIM’s debut approaches, HYBE finally dropped a teaser of their upcoming title song at 0 a.m on the 1st of May (KST), showing off powerful music and what seems like a girl crush concept. There was also one second of the highly-anticipated choreography, but some netizens quickly recognized it from somewhere else. 

“Fearless” MV Teaser – LE SSERAFIM

In particular, the part where LE SSERAFIM hugged their own body is said to resemble TWICE in “I can’t stop me”. It didn’t help that out of everything, HYBE chose to tease this particular part of the choreography.

Netizens found LE SSERAFIM’s newly-teased choreography to be too similar to TWICE.

Some comments from netizens:

  • That choreography part looks so much like TWICE. Why did their company put that on the teaser out of everything else?
  • Can’t tell if it’s copying until the full choreography is released.
  • This group.. They seem to have BLACKPINK’s concept and TWICE’s choreography? 
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