Kpop war in November: TWICE and Red Velvet’s comebacks confirmed but no signs of BLACKPINK’s

It is confirmed that TWICE and red Velvet will join the Kpop’s girlgroups battle in November.

On the morning of October 11th, JYP Entertainment confirmed that TWICE will return to the Kpop stage on November 5th, opening the battle for girl groups. TWICE has finished filming for their debut MV and is in the process of preparing. The group’s next comeback will continue to be a super hit in 2018, after “What Is Love?” was released in April and “Dance The Night Away” in July.

Like TWICE, Red Velvet will have their third comeback this year. A representative from SM said, “It is true that the girls are in the process of preparing for their new album. However, we have not determined the date for the comeback, we will announce immediately after the schedule is decided”. SM’s revealing statement seems to make fans more eager. Since the beginning of the year, Red Velvet has made two comebacks with “Bad Boy” and “Power Up,” all of which have earned impressive achievements both digitally and physically.

The music industry’s 'Summer War' has not finished yet. Just like how summer changes the maximum temperature every day, the highlights of the 'Summer War' are now unfolding. Summer song market is expected to become even hotter in the first half of the year thanks to the Sound King - iKON, Sound Queen - Red Velvet and Album King – BTS. The idol group iKON, who dominates the music charts for a long period from the beginning of the new year, challenges the hit consecutive home runs. They are determined to consolidate their position through the mini-album “New Kids: Continue” released on February 2nd. Their new mini album “New Kids: Continue” is the final edition of the trilogy series following “New Kids: Begin” released last year in May and “Return” released back in January and contains the meaning of continuing their passion and hard work. After releasing the album, iKON will hold an event called “Piconic Day” and sing “Love Scenerio” with their fans at Sebit Island in Seoul’s Han River Park on Tuesday. Following iKON, Red Velvet will release their summer mini album “Summer Magic” on the 6th. After last year when “Red Taste” struck the music industry, the song “Power Up”, which brings the summer mood back to its peak, will challenge the Last King of Summer. What is more interesting is the upgraded challenges of the Korean trendy girl group. Red Velvet will hold a solo concert - “Red Mare” at the stadium in Olympic Park in Seoul on May 4th to 5th before releasing their new album. The greatest concern of the summer war is the return of the King. BTS, who took over the US Billboard, will release their 3rd Repackage Album: “LOVE YOURSELF - Answer” on the 24th. They will start their World Tour right after the releasing of their album, but the activities in the domestic market still have been unknown up to now. The new album recorded a total of 151,191 pre-orders only in Korea in just six days from the 18th of last month. This is also the highest number of pre-order sales of BTS in Korea. It also seems to be the no.1 online retailer in the United States.
Red Velvet will have a comeback after 3 months since “Power Up”

The fact that TWICE and Red Velvet all confirmed their comeback for the third time this year makes the fans extremely hopeful for an explosive November. Besides, some fans were “screaming” because of the lack of YG’s girl group, BLACKPINK.

“I wish YG would also announce BLACKPINK’s comeback.”

“TWICE with Red Velvet comeback 3 times this year but look at BLACKPINK! Yang Hyun Suk is so “stingy”.

“EXO, Red Velvet, TWICE, WANNA ONE… this month is exciting! I’m dead”

“I wish I could see the battle of all three Big3 girl groups on the same stage in November.”

Sources: k14

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