Kpop girl group heavily criticized for letting underage members performed 18+ song 

The Kpop group “Girl Crush” became a hot topic after letting its under 18 members wear revealing clothes and performing songs with erotic lyrics. 

In August 2019, Kpop girl group “Girl Crush” debuted under HW Entertainment with a 4-member lineup, including Taeri, Zia, Yuka, and Bomi. The group, while embracing an erotic concepts with extremely alluring dances, did not cause controversies for all their members were adults and showed a lot of creativity in their choreographies, images, and costumes. 

However, the group was recently drowned in criticisms after recruiting the new member Hayun (formerly in BABA and Blaze), who was born in 2005, and thus is underage. Netizens find this new addition extremely concerning, considering Girl Crush’s erotic concept and Hayun’s age. They even called for the cancellation of Girl Crush, speaking up about how the recruitment of Hayun is “problematic”. 

Against public criticism, HW Entertainment eventually released a statement explaining that Hayun joined as a trainee, not as a group member. She will only start promoting as “Girl Crush” after she turns 18, the company said. 

However, contrary to what HW Ent. claimed, Hayun has been spotted on the stage along with “Girl Crush” for not one, but several stages. She also performed erotic songs like Cardi B’s “WAP” with the group, all while wearing extremely revealing clothes. To make it worse, the group even added moaning sounds to their cover of “WAP”.

As a result, netizens are once again calling for the cancellation of such a group, raising concerns about the “sexual exploits” of underaged idols.

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Regardless of the circumstances, the sexualization of minors is wrong. I have no qualms about other members since they are adults, but the addition of Hayun is unacceptable 
  • The Kpop industry is debuting younger and younger idols every year but does absolutely nothing to protect these children 
  • All faults fall on the agency – they were the ones that added a minor to an erotic group, and then forced her to perform R-rated songs and wear sexy clothes
  • Can “Girl Crush” even survive at this rate? 
  • Everyone knows that “Girl Crush” follows the sexy concept and has extremely erotic performances. How come Hayun decided to join the group? How come her parents or guardians allow this to happen?
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