Korean stars flaunt looks with ribbon hair, another trend prompted by Jennie (BLACKPINK)?

Ribbon hair might become the trend for hair accessories this summer. 

Recently, Jennie (BLACKPINK) has popularized another trend called the ribbon hair. From M/V appearances to solo stages at the “BORN PINK” concert, Jennie whipped up a sensation with the adorable and attractive hairstyle. 

Jennie (BLACKPINK) rocks any given hairstyle with added ribbon accessories 


Other members of BLACKPINK also appeared with cute ribbons on their hair, adding to the ribbon sensation 

Jennie was not the only Korean star who promoted the ribbon hairstyle. Yuna (ITZY) and Jang Won Young (IVE) have donned this accessory before. The minor detail somehow managed to bring out a huge difference in their idols’ images, no matter the size. 

Yuna with the added ribbons on her way to work 

Jang Won Young wore the ribbons in bigger size and in a different way 

Thanks to Jennie’s influence, the ribbon hair has swept across social media and has not shown sign of stopping. 

Source: K14

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